Unusual Cremation Urns and Creative Containers

One of the underrated benefits of cremation is simply that it gives you and your loved ones options.

For example, cremation gives you options about waiting until an ideal time before holding a funeral, as well as options to scatter ashes in places where full-service burials in Dallas would never be allowed – say, a favorite public park, atop a mountain or from a boat out in the deep blue ocean. It gives you financial options to use the thousands upon thousands of dollars you’d otherwise be spending on a traditional burial and funeral. And it can give you options provided by cremation pre-planning, which gives you the ability to make all your cremation and memorial arrangements far in advance when you’re calm and clear-minded.

This fantastic flexibility is perhaps best – or at least most colorfully – illustrated by the creative uses some people come up with for their ashes.

cremation urnsThe Cremation Alliance of Texas includes a provider of handsome, classic cremation urns (which we highly recommend). But cremation containers are not required to be standard urns. Cremation ashes are not in any way toxic, they can be kept in a container of your choosing.

For example, ashes can be crushed, molded, or mixed in a myriad other ways made into:

  • Jewelry
  • Bricks
  • Garden statues
  • Memorial stones
  • Crosses
  • Beads
  • Precious stones like diamonds
  • Hand-blown glass
  • Coral reef
  • Paint used in art
  • Hourglass sand
  • And more (if you can dream it, it can likely be done)

Here’s the thing: Dallas cremation pre-planning allows you the chance to make these types of decisions in an environment free of stress, fear and the chaos that often comes in a person’s final days. Whatever you decide to have done with your ashes – whether sprinkled into a pond, dropped into the ocean from a helicopter or shot out of a cannon – cremation pre-planning makes it easier to make such a decision in advance.

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